This is an ever evolving list of more sustainable versions/alternatives to everyday items and foods as well as native gardening resources. (These are not paid endorsements nor do we receive any money from click through's to the company sites. Simply want to share our research in the hopes that we can all use our $ in efforts to live more harmoniously with our earth and the other beings we share it with). Please feel free to share! If you want to learn more check out Clover List in Depth.


BIRD FRIENDLY COFFEE- Smithsonian Certified Bird Friendly Coffee (SCBF) is also organic and fair trade. SCBF coffee is shade grown under a rainforest tree canopy, which supports biodiversity, soil health, climate resiliance and habitat for birds and other animals. (SCBF supports more than 4 times the amount of bird species. Traditionally grown coffee devastates rainforests and delicate ecosystems & requires pesticides which degrades soil health) Its a small shift that can have a big impact!

Birds & Beans
Dedicated solely to SCBF Coffee
(Based in Byfield, MA)

(Based in Fort Bragg, CO)

Red Start Roasters
(Based in Pittsburgh, PA)

Wood Warbler Coffee
(Based in Noblesville, IN)

Java Planet
(Guatemala, Colombian and El Salvador are SCBF) (Based in Tampa, Florida)

Cafe Ibis
(Based in Logan, UT)

The Smithsonian Institute and Esmeraldology provide in depth lists of roasters that have certified coffees.


Azure Standard  - very well priced bulk pantry items almost always packaged in paper bags! Lots of organic options. Also has a good bulk biodegradable laundry detergent packaged in a cardboard box. Order online and pick up at a drop off point near you. 

Wild Terra (LA)

Re_ (LA)


-Bidets - Traditional toilet paper usage is a major contributing factor to the climate crisis, see the List In Depth for more info. Use 100% recycled or even better, use a hand towel and tap dry! It will be clean trust me! Then just throw in the laundry. Once you have one you'll can't imagine your life pre bidet!

Luxe Bidet 


-BAR SOAP (NO PALM OIL!) for... 

DISHESditch the bottle! can also be used as general purpose cleaner. 

No Tox

Mater Multi Purpose Kitchen Block



Viori Rice Shampoo Bar
(Can also purchase a bamboo holder for the shampoo)

No Tox Solid Seaweed Shampoo

Odacite Shampoo Bar

 We use a hair rinse made up of a lil bit of apple cider vinegar mixed with water and a drop of essential oil as replacement for conditioner, then put a bit of coconut oil post shower/tub. Some people like the ACV rinse some people don't. 


Raw Elemets 
(Comes in a aluminum tin)

(Comes in both a compostable tube and aluminum tin)


Albatross -Reusable metal razor with a take back program where you send them your used blades and they will upcycle them - totally closed loop production.


 Unpaste toothpaste tablets come in both fluoride and flouride-free in biodegradable bags.

Bamboo toothbrushes are the best alternative to plastic toothbrushes (retailers below carry them). They're not perfect as the bristles are usually made of nylon and will not bio-degrade, sometime soon a genius will come up with biodegradable & animal friendly bristles. Will it be you? 

-RETAILERS  for a myriad of home and self care needs

No Tox Life (Online Only) 

Otherwild (LA & NY)

Package Free Shop  (Online & NYC)

Refillary (LA) 

Sustain (LA)

Earethhero (Online Only) 


Calscape - type in your address & it will tell you what plants are native to your area. 

Native Nurseries in the LA Area:

Theodore Payne


These Nurseries are also non-profits that work on habitat restoration, so your money not only goes to making a beautiful habitat garden of your own, but also towards revitalizing LA's landscape. 

(PS Don't forget to plant NATIVE Milkweed (Narrow leaf or Kotolo for Los Angeles) for the Monarchs! It is critical to plant native milkweed because non-natives, like the popular tropical milkweed, do not go dormant in the winter like native milkweed's do, so monarch's, instead of migrating south as they are supposed to, will stay in the area and lay their eggs, and the temperatures are too cold for the caterpillars to survive. Native milkweeds are perfectly attuned to the migration pattern of the monarch.  Monarchs need at least 4 or 5 plants grouped together in order to provide enough food for them. It will be worth it once you start to have Monarch visitors and see the lil bb caterpillars emerging.)  


Native Plant Guide - Gardening with New York City Native Plants by the City of New York Parks and Recreation